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Started in 2009, the Barneleikarringen Cultural Foundation is a fun, and exciting way for our family to reach out the Nordic Community.
Few people realize how many project and groups Obert and Marietta Ronnestad have been involved with over the years. Here are just a few examples:
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Leikarringen performance dance group uses traditional songs, music, and dance. If you know or want to learn and perform Norwegian folkdancing, please join us on Tuesday nights.
Leikarringen - Sons of Norway Leif Erikson Lodge, Seattle
Katrilli Finnish Folk Dancers, Seattle
Tanhuajat Finnish Folkdancers, Seattle
Katrilli promotes enjoyment and preservation of Finnish dance, music and culture with simple traditional dances as well as more complex contemporary choreographed productions, which usually tell stories or act out scenes of Finnish life.
The Tanhuajat Finnish Folkdancers have been learning and dancing both traditional folkdances and more modern choreographed dances since 1974.
Barneleikarringen of Greater Seattle = Children's Dance Group
Scandinavian Dancing for Children and Families. We learn and perform traditional dances from all the Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. This is fun dancing for kids and adults, most often with live music.
Nordiska Folkdancers, Seattle
NORDISKA FOLKDANCERS of Seattle is a performance ensemble presenting traditional dances and music of Scandinavia -- Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Performances include gammaldans. (dances common to many regions, such as waltz, polka, etc.) and bygdedans (regional dances, specific to an area or even a single community) -- expressions of living traditions which have been evolving for centuries.
Scandia Folkdance Society, Seattle
Seattle's Skandia Folkdance Society is a cultural organization for the preservation and teaching of traditional dance culture and music of the Nordic lands. Members come from all sorts of backgrounds, so one doesn't need to be a Scandinavian to enjoy the activities. At least twice per month, Skandia has dance parties with live music. Dance classes are taught each week on a beginning, intermediate and advanced level and before most bi-monthly dance parties.
The Edmonds Sons of Norway will be offering fun and lively dance classes on: February 9th!
4:30-5:30 pm for children
7:00-8:00 pm for Teens
Penny Curtis will be instructing. Come join us for a great time and learn some new dances!
Edmonds Masonic Center
515 Dayton Street
Edmonds. Call Roberta Morrow if you have any questions (425) 743-7836
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